High School Executive Summary | Kimberly

Description of the School

During the fall enrollment of the 2015-2016 school year, Kimberly Public Schools has an enrollment of 1,807 students in grades K-12. This district is considered a rural/suburban district due to its proximity to Twin Falls which has a population of 40,000. Kimberly School District has approximately 85 square miles of farming area surrounding it. The current fall enrollment at Kimberly High School for the 2015-2016 school year is 492, with 4 Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students, 31 students on IEPs, and 19 students on 504 plans. Kimberly High School employs 35 certified faculty members, 8 full time paraprofessionals, and 6 classified faculty members. For the previous school year, Kimberly High School had 28.85% of its students that applied for and qualified for free and reduced lunches. The overall district percentage of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch status is 37.46%. Kimberly High School's current enrollment consists of a primarily white student population with 13.22% of the student population classified in other ethnic groups.

Kimberly School District enjoys the continued support of its community. Community members have a tradition of supporting Kimberly Public Schools and its student functions. The community has continued its support through voting to ensure that supplemental levies pass. That support has allowed us to maintain programs that could have been cut due to reduced state funding. Because of the reputation that Kimberly Public School enjoys we are experiencing growth increases in our student population. Last year we experienced a 3.3% increase, and this year we have experienced a 4.2% increase in enrollment.

Kimberly has maintained its high achievement levels on the ISAT; it has made its adequate yearly growth in the general population numbers as well as in its at-risk subgroups. Additionally, Kimberly has scored consistently above the state average on the SAT and ACT. Kimberly High School staff and teachers have a created continued success regardless of being required to do more with less. KHS has an innovative modular block schedule designed to continue to offer advanced opportunities for our students. Kimberly High School prides itself on the opportunities we have been able to provide our students.

School's Purpose

District Mission Statement

In partnership with students, staff, parents, and community, the Kimberly School District strives to be a system of world-class schools. Utilizing a comprehensive curriculum, a highly qualified staff empowers our students with the knowledge and skills to flourish and prosper in the global society.

High School Mission Statement
"Educating students for the needs and challenges of today and tomorrow."
Educational Beliefs
We Believe:

  • All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Student learning is our first priority.
  • All students can learn and have the right to be challenged to reach their full potential.
  • Students must learn to think skillfully, make informed decisions, and communicate effectively.
  • It is essential that school be a safe learning environment.

At Kimberly Senior High School, We Also Believe:

  • Learning is a lifetime endeavor.
  • Co-curricular activities are an important element in the education of each student.
  • Healthy, moral, and productive lifestyles should be modeled and encouraged at all times.

Kimberly High School has made great efforts to embrace opportunities afforded to us through legislation, access to technology, proximity to the local college, and a supportive community. We have increased our ability to provide increased opportunities to our students by focusing on teacher professional development, preparation, and the instructional focusing on what really matters. With our access to technology, we are prepared to offer students opportunities to take online and blended courses. We have created a schedule that has allowed students to complete course work early; thereby taking college level courses their senior year. This schedule has also allowed us to help students take advantage of the Advanced Opportunities program offered by the state. We are excited to embrace opportunities that are provided through change and innovation.

We are working to implement the common core standards into our curriculum across the board. We have created professional development opportunities to work on curriculum maps, and assessments, reflect on their effectiveness, and improve those plans for the future. KHS will prepare students to perform well on the smarter balanced assessments. Kimberly High School is known for its excellence and performance that it demonstrates through its willingness to embrace change. Recognizing that not all students fit traditional learning models, Kimberly High School has created a Tier II team to address struggling students that may otherwise fall through the cracks. We have many programs for special populations. At Kimberly High School we will also be addressing those who struggle that may not fit any category for special assistance.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

Kimberly High School has been a Go On Idaho School for the past three years. Although the grant is no longer available, Kimberly is continuing to form stronger partnerships with the community to develop a culture of college expectations for all students. In the past, Kimberly High School used the award, along with the additional funding, to further develop our Go On opportunities and culture. Continuing with the Go On program, KHS is providing internship opportunities for senior students to allow further career exploration in their fields of interest. Furthermore, More than 150 students are choosing to take dual credit courses through CSI. Kimberly has also taken advantage of the early completer program offered through the state.

With the implementation of the Idaho Core Standards, Kimberly High School is working to align their instructional practices to assist students in gaining the skills needed for future success. Professional development is offered on four early release days throughout the school year to assist faculty in instructional practices, as well as on additional full-day professional development days. All faculty members are working hard and are experiencing the growing pains and the successes from creating rich learning experiences for our students.

Additional Information

Kimberly School District is known as a place that parents wish to send their children. Many families move to the City of Kimberly with the purpose in mind of having their children educated in Kimberly Public Schools. Kimberly High School is proud to serve its community through student participation in student clubs and organizations. Many of our clubs and organizations contribute to strong community by provide service in community events. Since 2005, our Future Farmers of America chapter has qualified for Nationals taking a total of 10 teams. Additionally, our debate team has recently been ranked in the top 10% of schools nationwide according to the National Speech and Debate Association. Students through their participation in their academics and beyond are truly preparing themselves to participate in communities around the world.