Dear Parents, Friends and Patrons,

We have successfully finished the first semester; there were many achievements in the classrooms and on the field of play.  Our faculty is working hard to make sure that students are engaged and are learning during class time.

This is very difficult task, especially when teachers have to deal with improper use of phones by students. We understand that the use of a phone is very important to teens, and they are allowed to use them in school. However, phone use should be done during appropriate times; for example, before or after school, during lunch, and/or during the passing time between classes.


Dominik Unger



Our parent notification system can be modified to fit your needs. Alert Solutions is integrated with the existing PowerSchool Parent Portal and can not only send voice messages to your phone, but text messages, and/or even e-mail you.

Senior Information

Now that you have applied for admission to your colleges/universities, be sure to check how to apply for their scholarships and know the deadlines.


You can start filling out the FAFSA on Oct 1, 2016 for the 2017-18 school year.  Also, you will be using your 2015 tax returns. Be sure that you are on the correct website,  This application is free.  Seniors and parents will need to create a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) at before starting the FAFSA application.