Good sportsmanship is expected at all Kimberly High School events. Good sportsmanship is the responsibility of players, coaches, advisers, faculty, cheerleaders, students, adult spectators, and officials. Respect should be demonstrated to all opponents and officials. All people involved in a school event shall maintain self-control throughout the contest. Good sportsmanship enhances the educational quality and athletic program.

Participation in athletic events is a privilege and requires that participants show exemplary conduct at all times. Participants are representing their schools and must conduct themselves appropriately on and off the court or field.

Mission Statement

Kimberly High School

To provide the opportunity to allow the students of Kimberly High School to participate in a positive, competitive, athletic setting. To develop young men and women with strong character, leadership, sportsmanship, and commitment. To prepare athletes to legitimately compete and succeed both on the field of athletic competition and in life. To stress and promote a balance between academic and athletic successes.


The Athletic program at Kimberly High School reflects the vision, mission, values and culture of Kimberly School District #414 to address the needs of its entire student population. A strong Kimberly Athletic Program bonds the community to its schools - representing the best face of our school to the community. The athletic experience is an essential part of the educational experience for many students. Athletics offer essential opportunities to develop strong personal character, great leadership skills, and attributes such as sportsmanship and commitment toward a common goal. Student athletes will be afforded the opportunity to participate in multiple activities at the highest level to achieve optimal personal growth.