Gifted and Talented Identification Process | Kimberly


Eligibility will be determined with the use of a body of evidence approach.

Initial Screening/Referrals

School staff, parents, or students themselves may refer a student for GT screening.

The GT Screening may include:

  • Standardized test scores

  • Teacher/Parent/Student qualitative scales

  • Student work

  • Classroom grades

  • Classroom observation (GT Coordinator)

  • CogAT screener

Gifted and Talented Placement

If students place high enough in the initial screener/referral, further  testing may be used to qualify students for GT services:

  • WISC- completed by school psychologist

  • CoGAT- completed by the district GT Coordinator.

Placement will be determined as a team through RTI, including principal, GT coordinator, teachers, and SPED director.

Challenging an Identification Determination

After attending a team meeting, parents may challenge the decision about placement with the superintendent.

Transfer Students
If a student comes to our district, having already been identified as Gifted and Talented, the RTI team will review documentation in the cumulative file and call previous schools as necessary.  The team will determine if the identification shall be accepted or rejected within 10 days of receiving the cumulative file.


Identification Resources

Bright vs. Gifted

Pre-referal Form

Qualitative Data Survey