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“Every child deserves an equal opportunity to struggle.” – Mary Slade


The Kimberly School District strives to empower all students to flourish and prosper both today and tomorrow.  The Gifted and Talented Program (GT) pursues this effort by recognizing and addressing the unique needs of gifted students, including social, emotional, and cognitive needs.  The district also recognizes that there are different domains of giftedness, that gifted students may be twice exceptional, and come from many diverse backgrounds.

The district will meet these needs by providing differentiated curriculum and instructional methods as well as opportunities for extended, in-depth studies in areas of personal passions and interests.  All of these approaches will seek to assist students to become confident, independent thinkers; demonstrate persistence and solution-oriented attitudes toward solving problems; cooperate and collaborate well with others; learn higher cognitive and creative skills; and understand effective leadership.

Definition of Giftedness

Some common myths about gifted students

What does it mean to be gifted? Video

KSD Identification Process

3 Year Gifted and Talented Plan, Submitted and approved Fall of 2016



Shae Bair, Parent

Sara Crystal, GT Coordinator

Daren Garey, Parent & Teacher

Karen Hall, School Counselor

Marvin Mumm,  Teacher

Differentiation Specialist Team:  Marygrace Ahern, Jessica Cann, Brett Darington, Deanna Miller, Katrina Rodabaugh



We take the needs of all of our students very seriously. We seek to improve our GT services by analyzing data and focusing on areas for growth.

Priority Areas:  

  1. Quality professional development for teachers in meeting the needs of Gifted and Talented students

  2. Improvements to the identification process to increase accuracy and efficiency

  3. Increased programing options for Gifted and Talented students


Gifted and Talented Education, Idaho State Department of Education


Resources for Teachers

Resources for Parents

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