School Safety | Kimberly

Parents, we need your help!
Before and after school we have over 750 students entering or leaving our elementary campus at one time, by walking, riding the bus, or getting dropped off by parents. Please help us keep the roads safe!
  • No Cell phone use, please be attentive. Avoid anything else that can cause you to be a distracted driver.
  • Obey all traffic laws, this includes waiting in your lane and for your turn to pull into the parking lots and pick up areas. Please do not drive on the wrong side of the road to pass other cars that have been waiting. Driving on the wrong side further blocks traffic and contributes to blind spots.
  • Pick up your child in the designated pick-up and drop-off zones. Please do not have your child cross the street during this time.
  • Please pull as far forward as possible before stopping to let your children out of the car. This allows for the maximum amount of space for cars coming in off the street.
Thank you, we appreciate your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our students safe.
Kimberly Elementary School