Mrs. Leppert | Kimberly

Kiz Leppert
(208) 423-4170

I have been teaching school for 10 years and have enjoyed every single year.  Really, it is the students that make it all worth it.  I am a graduate of Kimberly High School and the University of Idaho.  I am published author and have been working towards my master's degree.  I've also taken up blogging; which keeps me up to date on social platforms.

I live in Kimberly as an active member of the community.  I have 4 kids in the KSD and enjoy our way of life here in Southern Idaho.

My Goals:

1st:  mouse usage, computer hardware vocabulary, basic word document tools, and an introduction to the key board.

2nd: computer vocabulary, word documents tools, basic home row typing, introduction to programming, and using the mouse to play games.

3rd:  computer vocabulary, typing with the entire keyboard (beginning blind typing), math games, proper usage of the internet, and surfing safety.

4th: computer vocabulary, blind typing development, power point presentation basics, digital citizenship, math games, and timed typing techniques.

5th: computer vocabulary, digital citizenship, internet etiquette and safety, blind touch typing, citing sources and power point presentation, and math games.


I am also the Assistant Debate and Speech Coach for the Kimberly High School Team!  They are AMAZING!