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Simon Olsen

Welcome to Elementary PE!!!

My name is Simon Olsen. I am one of the PE teachers at Kimberly Elementary. I am in my 6th year of teaching PE here in Kimberly and I believe I have the best job. I also coach Varsity football and Varsity baseball.

I believe that Physical Education needs to include physical activity along with a whole lot of fun. In our PE classes we start with a warm up activity that usually consists of some stair laps or some form running that will get our bodies warmed up. We then do some stretches that increase our flexibility and also decreases the chance of injury during our games.Stretching is then followed by pushups to increase our upperbody strength and then situps or curlups to increase our core strength. The rest of the class period is spent learning skills and games that are designed to improve our overall physical health.

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