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Welcome to the Kimberly Elementary School Libraries

Mrs. Grover, Teacher Librarian

After 15 years of teaching in the classroom and loving it, I became the Kimberly Elementary Librarian of our highly populated school, which encompasses two libraries.  My philosophy in learning remains the same in all these years. By doing, we learn. By practicing and enduring we learn even more. Most importantly, by doing what we love and conquering what is difficult, we learn the most! As a teacher/librarian I have experienced all three scenarios. I also believe that change is essential in lifelong learning. Kimberly School District holds strong to tradition, yet encompasses change and growth. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and learn and grow every day with our amazing 900 and then some, students, faculty and staff.

Kimberly's Top 100 Book List for Book Drive

Kimberly's Most Desired Series List for Book Drive

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Kimberly Primary and Intermediate School's Mission Statement:

Kimberly Elementary Libraries will provide an accessible, enjoyable, welcoming place for students, teachers, and staff. Students and staff will be effective users of ideas and information which will enable ALL members to become life long learners.

Kimberly Intermediate Library Creed

I am a reader and a learner.

I can find books in the library for myself.

I can use information to answer my questions and complete my assignments to the best of my ability.

I can find pleasure in ALL genres of literature.

I will care for the books I borrow and return them on time.

I will not interfere with the learning of others.

My library will help me become a lifelong learner.



Library Special Class Schedule:

Monday: Reed/Potter, Virnig/Haskell, Plante, J Maki, Mott, H&E, Gerard
Tuesday: ALL Kindergarten Classes and Bohman
Wednesday: Day/Hoff, Butler/Depew, C Maki, Hedden, Miller, Saxton, Hutcheson
Thursday: LeMire/Harmon, Fien, Mueller, Stover, Cook, Cann, Williams
Friday: Michelli/Graefe, Beck, Packham, Moerer

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