Early Release Professional Development PLCs | Kimberly

Early Release Professional Development time as been scheduled for Professional Learning Communities to form and further develop teaching skills.

As expert learners, teachers have identified areas of interest in which they will study.  They will also look for opportunities to share what they learn across multiple contexts and settings.

Dates:  October 19th, December 7th, March 1st, April 19th

Secondary Early Release Notes and Resources

Elementary Early Release Notes and Resources


Department Vision and Goals

Math:  Analyze ISAT and PSAT scores for trends and student growth, Sharing learning from outside PD with team members,Study Assessment- with a focus on Performance Tasks

Science & STEM:  Analyze DWA, ISAT and EOC scores, Develop a common vision for our k-12 program, Study the Next Generation Standards-Idaho Standards-STEM Standards correlations and implications, Safety and Storage protocols of curricular materials

English:  Analyze DWA, ISAT, PSAT scores, Improve the DWA process, Evidence and Elaboration, Updated MLA format

Social Studies: Improving sequencing and instruction through the revision of curriculum maps, Reflective teaching

Heath and Physical Education:  Developing a common vision for our k-12 program, Curriculum Mapping, Digital Citizenship and Literacy

Agriculture, Technology, and Business:  Curriculum Development and Industry visits, certifications

Music:  Continued work on program goals and curriculum mapping

Spanish:  Vertical Alignment and Differentiation

Art:  Vertical Alignment, Standards, and Curriculum Mapping


Elementary Grade Level Vision and Goals

Fifth:  Curriculum mapping, teaching writing, math instruction

Fourth:  Curriculum mapping, strategies for success, interventions

Third:  Curriculum maps, program implementations, strategy showcase

Second:  Writer/Reader workshop, Interventions

First:  Writer workshop, Reading Inventories, Communicating with Parents

Kindergarten:  Effective strategies for addressing the needs of all learners, Early identification and Interventions, Update ELA Curriculum Map