Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) | Kimberly

KSD Bring Your Own Device/One:1 Initiative Information:

Kimberly School District is committed to providing a safe, rigorous, and engaging learning environment that prepares all students to be career and college ready. 

The District recognizes the importance and potential educational benefits of technology. The use of portable electronic devices in the classroom can add educational value when such devices deliver content and extend, enhance, or reinforce the student learning process.

While we understand not all students will be able to bring their own device, we do have policy in place for those that wish to do so.  For students utilizing their own device please know that while at school and using the KSD WiFi, the student’s activity will be filtered just as they are currently.  When at home (with their own device) this filtering will not apply.

Please see board policy 3615 and form 3615F for more information.  Below are the current computer requirements:

Our school computers use a Windows OS.  Students will be accessing web-based applications and having access to more than one internet browser is recommended. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).  


Required Minimum Specs

Recommended Specs

Minimum Screen Size: 10 Inches


Battery Life: 5 or more hours

Headset/headphones or earbuds

Power/Charging Cable to have at school

At least 1 full size USB port or adapter

Wireless connectivity: 802.11 g/n/ac

Camera, microphone, speaker

Anti-Virus/anti-malware protection

Protective case or sleeve

Up-to-date internet browser

Warranty/Insurance to cover theft/damage